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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer

A Trial Attorney Who Knows How to Win In Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb, Gwinnett, & Forsyth Counties

Whether you are dealing with criminal charges or civil litigation, Mones Law is here to help. The firm is led by a highly skilled trial lawyer who has obtained numerous winning results for his clients — even against the SEC, DOJ, and FBI. Attorney Stuart M. Mones knows how to win in court and will do his best to fight for your rights and interests.

Our Law Firm - Atlanta

The most advantageous quality to look for in an attorney is whether they can truly fight for you. Attorney Mones consistently goes to trial and wins. He has succeeded in numerous federal cases and has defeated government agencies in court several times over. From white-collar crimes to drug charges to civil litigation, Attorney Mones is more than equipped to fight for your rights and interests. When your future is at stake — whether regarding your personal interests or your business interests – you deserve a lawyer who knows his way around the courtroom. The firm offers services in Spanish, flexible payment arrangements, and free 60-minute initial consultations.